Letters From the Culture War


200 unpublished letters from the last decade are a testament to one man’s personal battle in the culture war. On the side of common sense and fairness the author has been bombarding the Daily Telegraph with his pithy and humorous musings on the decline of our standards and the Gramsci long march through our once treasured Institutions.

The Brexit victory over the elites, the  hypocrisy of the Paralympics, the Wuhan virus terror, uncontrolled migration, shenanigans in corporate board rooms, the wasteland of modern manners, the deification of the NHS, the concerted attack on family life, free speech and the sanctity of human life. All this and much more come under scrutiny in a search for common sense in the chaos which is post-modern Britain. The vast majority of his letters were rejected but rather than take no for an answer, and in true ‘Quixotic’ fashion, he believes they are good enough to be collected together in this publication.

Despite the increasing madness of the last decade his reflections retain a sense of humour and point towards the changes required for a more hopeful future. His musings have not come without any pain; because of similar views he expressed on social media he was, after 17 years of service, removed from his role with the Institute of Directors, suspended from professional membership and accused of causing racist offence. But he refuses to bow down to this tyrannical denial of free speech and fights on in the culture war.

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